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Mr. Ghulam Rassol
Director Finance &
Internal Auditor

On the exceptional occasion this is to convey to all that the company has completed its 20 years with a great uphill struggle leaded by my 7 wonders. I feel very great contentment to have such a team which has glittered the field of weighing with their
expertise, knowledge and a positive approach with commitment.

Waseem Akhtar
B.Tech (Electronics)
Manager Automation Department

A highly veteran professional completely capable to cater the project related issues including installation and commissioning of weighbridges, automation, bagging and filling machines and other related products.

His valued contribution to the company has enabled the company to get itself recognized in the engineering field of automation. With his continuous efforts the company has spread the web of its own designed automotive products throughout the country specially for sugar mills, oil mills, fertilizer and cement, etc.

Faheem Akhtar
Manager Sales and

A degree holder from a reputable institution has deep and vast experience. He has also at its credit to serve in Saudi Arabia for a period of 5 years from where he gained remarkable experience.

At the key notes he has an assertive approach along with contact ability and communication skills motivating and attracting the customers towards business relationship with the company.

A reason of having a strong clientele is also his contribution towards boosting the business of the company.

Aleem Akhtar
B.E (Mechanical), Civil
Manager Technical

As his designation suggest, he is one of the significant figure giving boost to the image of the company. Holding a degree from NED University, he is engaged in utilizing his knowledge and experience in the best interest of the company with technical aspects.

The major responsibilities being shouldered on him includes fabrication of weighbridge platforms (Road & Rail) ranging from 10 tons to 200 tons. Besides, he is designing and supervising completely company’s civil work including weighbridge pit, operators room, roads and ramp.

His relevant strong experience and visonary approach has let the firm to be counted among the best weighbridge installer all over the country as his supervised civil works and platforms are continued in operation which were installed in even 90s.

Azeem Akhtar
B.E. (Electronics)
Incharge Research & Development

Research, the most important tool of development and promotion is handled by him with his excellent expertise in designing and development of hardware with micro controller and its special software (assembly) customized as per clients requirement.

The innovative ideas regarding software development are highly commendable and praised by the clients with respect to reliability and quality.

He has at his credit a number of projects running successfuly throughout the country that are independently handled and supervised by him.

Naseem Akhtar
B.E. (Electronics)

He is a young energetic and self-driven engineer, having excellent command over designing of micro processors based circuits. Having high potential in related hardware and software, he is also capable for repairing PCBs on component level.

Working in the field of automation specially in batching plants, pneumatic control and online Check Weigher has also been added to his experience.

Tasneem Akhtar
B.Tech (Electronics)

Being the heads of Software Department, he possesses high interpersonal skills required for running a department and supervising staff under his control.

His expertise in designing and development of data base management software are also considered up to the mark. His mentioned capabilities including repair and maintenance of weighbridges, his specially designed softwares as per customer’s requirements and compact weighing terminal proves his technical expertise loudly.